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Monster® SuperStar Offers The Smallest Audiophile Quality Sound Solution For Users On-The-Go

Anaheim, CA, January 23, 2014  Monster, the world leader in high-performance personal audio, introduces its newest Bluetooth-enabled mobile speaker, the Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker, (#MonsterSuperStar ) (SRP: $149.95 ) at NAMM 2014. A compact device that's smaller than most smartphones, the SuperStar fits easily in your backpack, purse or laptop bag, because we think Size Does Matter.

The device stands only two inches off any flat surface to provide today's multi-tasking music lover with an ultra-portable, high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled audio solution. Monster has challenged the limits in creating a Bluetooth speaker with the smallest form factor design, coupled with audiophile quality sound, so that you're hearing the sound as it should be heard.

High-End Sound ... Wait, That Fits In Your Pocket?
The Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker fits right in the palm of your hand, but thanks to Monster's proprietary Pure Monster Sound® technology, the company has pushed the boundaries of sound quality that others accept as size-related limitations. In recognizing what the "micro" Bluetooth speaker customer wants for the loudest possible sound, Monster® has incorporated Pure Monster Sound® into every aspect of this design. The result? A Bluetooth-enabled micro-speaker that offers the clarity, dynamics, articulation, tight bass and sound pressure levels of a full-size speaker in as small and dimensionally FLAT an enclosure as technology will allow. Technology, that is, enhanced by Monster® innovation.

Small it may be, but the Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker delivers more than sheer volume: it provides the sound quality you'd only expect from high-end loudspeakers. Head Monster Noel Lee wouldn't settle for anything less, applying the full force of Pure Monster Sound® to this compact device. Highs that soar, sweet or sharp as the music requires, midband to make vocals sound real, with clarity, detail, transparency, attack, articulation and naturalness that you associate with high-end speakers. Clear your mind of preconceptions: the Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker is a revolution in portable sound. It is, simply, the world's smallest high-end loudspeaker.

Wireless High-Performance: Audio, Anywhere, Anytime
The Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker's sleek, compact design is perfect for the discerning on-the-go music enthusiast who appreciates the very best in sound reproduction—anywhere, anytime. Perfect for watching movies and listening to music on smartphones and tablets, the Monster® SuperStar features speakerphone functionality with no loss of convenience when using a smartphone as a source. Monster® Superstar achieves its stunning wireless audio capabilities thanks to the inclusion of advanced apt-X digital processing for clean, outstanding wireless stereo sound. Because the Monster® SuperStar has also been engineered with Pure Monster Sound®, the high-performance tuning technology created by Head Monster Noel Lee, this portable speaker achieves the ultimate in wireless audio capabilities through superior digital processing for clean, best-in-class wireless stereo sound.

The Monster® SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker will be available in stores in the second quarter of 2014.

Pure Monster Sound® Brings Superior Audio Quality to Discerning Listeners
Designed by Head Monster Noel Lee, Pure Monster Sound® uses Monster's latest proprietary technologies to offer the full experience of live music, with extreme clarity, articulation, and tight, deep, pounding bass that motivates you to achieve at your highest level of performance.

For the past 35 years, Monster has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. Discovering that cables in hi-fi systems influenced the sound, Head Monster Noel Lee developed Monster Cable® - an immediate hit. Monster engineered the sound of Beats® headphones, and has since become the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones, all featuring Pure Monster Sound® technology. Today, the company offers advanced connectivity solutions for professional musicians, home entertainment, computing, mobile and gaming, as well as high performance AC Power and conditioning products. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 662 patents worldwide and 100 pending, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160 countries. Monster also prides itself in helping those who are in less-than-fortunate circumstances through Monster Cares. Above all, Monster does what it does Because The Music Matters.

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