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The Performing DJ Will Never Be the Same Again" - Portable, Standalone DJ Controller and Music Studio Replaces the Need to Carry Heavy DJ Controllers and Computers

Anaheim, CA, January 23, 2014  This year at NAMM 2014, Monster is celebrating its 35th Anniversary as the world leader in high-performance consumer electronics with a legacy of innovative product design, and is proud to introduce the revolutionary Monster® GO-DJ (#MonsterGODJ). A truly portable and standalone DJ controller and music production studio, the Monster® GO-DJ redefines music production and performance. The Monster® GO-DJ is available at an SRP of $599.95.

The Monster® GO-DJ is groundbreaking due to its portable size and comprehensive functionality, replacing traditional DJ controllers and computers, which can be too big, complex and expensive. With the Monster® GO-DJ, this all-in-one DJ controller and music production studio now literally fits right in your pocket. You can produce, mix, record and share your music and audio projects anytime and anywhere. The convenience and portability of the Monster® GO-DJ changes the live music experience by redefining how a DJ works and what he or she is capable of achieving.

DJs Can Now Take Center Stage, Interact with Audiences in New and Exciting Ways!
The Monster® GO-DJ finally gives the DJ the ability to step out from the DJ booth and perform center stage or anywhere with unrestricted mobility. The DJ can now not only be front and center, but also interact with the audience in a variety of more engaging ways. As a musical instrument, the Monster® GO-DJ can be used to participate in jam sessions with other musicians, including DJ's, producers, instrumentalists and vocalists.

Although compact in size, the award-winning Monster® GO-DJ is packed with big features that even go beyond traditional DJ equipment. The user interface includes Digital Turntables, Touchscreen Tri-band Equalizer, Musical Pad Sampler, Synthesizer Keyboard, and a Beat Sequencer. You can connect a microphone, iOS device, Android device, musical instrument or other audio device to the Monster® GO-DJ and control the streaming audio by looping, scratching, remixing and recording.

Head Monster Noel Lee stated: "The Monster® GO-DJ is a true game changer. It takes the DJ out of the booth, takes producers and musicians out of the studio, and allows them to make music anywhere they are. The performing DJ will never be the same again."

For the past 35 years, Monster has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. Discovering that cables in hi-fi systems influenced the sound, Head Monster Noel Lee developed Monster Cable® - an immediate hit. Monster engineered the sound of Beats® headphones, and has since become the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones, all featuring Pure Monster Sound® technology. Today, the company offers advanced connectivity solutions for professional musicians, home entertainment, computing, mobile and gaming, as well as high performance AC Power and conditioning products. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 662 patents worldwide and 100 pending, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160 countries. Monster also prides itself in helping those who are in less-than-fortunate circumstances through Monster Cares. Above all, Monster does what it does Because The Music Matters.

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