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Two -- Two New Monster® Mobile Compact Chargers Feature Built-In Batteries for
On-the-Go Power Anytime, Anywhere; Flip-Out AC Prongs for
Charging at Any AC Outlet --


Las Vegas, NV, January 7, 2013  — At CES 2013, Monster, a leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronics accessories, is solving one of today’s most nagging problems for digital device users – how to charge your smartphone, tablet or other electronics when there’s no AC outlet nearby!  The new Monster® Mobile family of PowerTap™ chargers includes the  PowerTap™ 4000 (SRP: $69.95) and PowerTap™ 6000 (SRP: $99.95), both with built-in advanced mAh batteries that store energy so you can power up your devices anytime, anywhere – as well as the affordable and convenient  PowerTap™ Duo (SRP: $39.95).  All compact Monster® Mobile PowerTap™ chargers feature flip-out AC prongs that let you resupply your important energy needs, including recharging the PowerTap™ 4000 and PowerTap™ 6000’s built-in batteries, from any available outlet. 


The advanced mAh (Milliamp Hour) batteries in Monster®  Mobile’s PowerTap™ 4000 and PowerTap™ 6000 were originally developed for use in digital cameras, where reliability, long life and durability are top priorities. Follow Monster during CES at #MonsterCES.


Head Monster Noel Lee noted: “Whether you’re in an airport waiting to catch a plane, in a taxi between meetings or even onboard a trans-Atlantic flight, the last thing you want is to see that your smartphone or tablet is out of power and there’s no outlet nearby. Our Monster®  Mobile PowerTap™ products are the much needed solution to this problem. The innovation that makes it possible is our use of leading edge mAh batteries, which are both lightweight and capable of delivering the energy needed for today’s sophisticated smartphones and other devices. Now you can charge your electronics even when there’s no charging station handy.  With these new PowerTap™ chargers, as well as our entire Monster®   Outlets To Go™ family, you can always be confident that your important devices will stay powered up and ready to go.”



The New PowerTap™ Family: On-the-Go Power Anywhere, Anytime
The Monster®  Mobile PowerTap™ family is your ideal solution for the daily charge regimen but is a great back up power solution for mobile users on the go. The PowerTap™ 4000, with its 4,000 mAh battery, provides up to 2.5 smartphone charges, as well as up to a 2/3 charge for tablets. The PowerTap™ 4000 is a single USB 2.4 Amp solution that also utilizes a 4,000 mAH battery, allowing users to charge smartphones up to 2.5 times. The PowerTap™ 6000 also features dual USB ports for charging two devices at once, and its powerful 6,000 mAh battery provides up to 4 full smartphone charges, and up to a full charge for tablets. Thanks to its dual USB ports, the PowerTap™ Duo solution is a basic dual USB wall charger, allowing you to charge both a smartphone and tablet at the same time.




Monster was founded over 30 years ago by Head Monster Noel Lee, who was recently honored with the prestigious Plus X Award®: Lifetime Achievement Award, as a company dedicated to creating products that enhance the sound quality of music. The company engineered the sound of the acclaimed Beats by Dr. Dre® headphones, and has become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, sonically superior headphones, all of which feature the company’s Pure Monster Sound. Monster is also the world's leading manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions for high- performance home entertainment, audio, home cinema, computer and gaming as well as a leading innovator in the field of mobile accessories and professional audio. The company also provides high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems, as well as energy-saving power products. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 300 U.S. and international patents and dozens pending, offering more than 4,000 products in over 134 countries worldwide.



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