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"THE 2012 NAMM JAM!"
-- Performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static; Live Streaming to
More Than 100,000 Musicians and Fans - "Because the Music Matters!
" --
Anaheim, CA, January 19, 2012  - Monster, a global leader in high performance audio cables, power conditioning products and headphones for musicians, producers and engineers, today announced it is joining forces with Dean Guitars to present the 2012 NAMM Jam, the première concert at NAMM.  Featuring performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static, the concert will be live streamed to over 100,000 musicians and fans.  Monster and Dean Guitars are teaming up at NAMM because of their shared passion for live music and their unified message - "Because the Music Matters." In addition to being able to view the 2012 NAMM Jam live, viewers all over the world will also have an "all-access ticket" to NAMM with a multi-camera, real-time HD webcast from Dean Guitars, allowing interaction via Facebook and Twitter.

The Monster and Dean Guitars Alliance - Because the Music Matters!
Monster and Dean Guitars are joining forces at NAMM this year because of their shared passion for creating products that deliver the best performance capabilities and ultimate experience for musicians all over the world. Notably, many "Famous Monsters" are also distinguished members of the Dean Guitars family, including Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Eric Bass (Shinedown) and Eric Peterson (Testament).

In addition to the NAMM Jam, the 2012 NAMM webcast from Dean Guitars will include a first-hand look at Dean's new 35th anniversary USA custom guitars, plus an impressive schedule of artist interviews, live contests, on-air guitar sales and more. Over 20 hours of streaming live NAMM action from January 20 - 22 can be seen at (see webcast schedule below).

Monster's NAMM product showcase will demonstrate how it is continuing to lead the way in high-performance headphones for the professional audio community with its Monsterous® headphone family, including the new "Gratitude™" in-ear headphones, the first product to be released under Monster's partnership alliance with legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as the renowned Miles Davis Tribute™ Jazz Headphones, the ultimate jazz experience headphones, and "Inspiration™," the company's first over-ear, noise canceling headphone. 


Friday, Jan. 20th, 6:45 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. PST
(Live from the Dean NAMM JAM at the Grove of Anaheim)

Saturday, Jan. 21st, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST
(Live from the Dean Guitars NAMM booth, Anaheim Convention Center)

Sunday, Jan. 22nd, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST
(Live from the Dean Guitars NAMM booth, Anaheim Convention Center)
For more information about the 2012 NAMM webcast from Dean Guitars, visit:

Monster is the world's leading manufacturer of premium headphones and  advanced connectivity solutions for high-performance home entertainment, audio, home theater, mobile, computer and gaming, as well as a leading innovator in the field of iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® accessories and professional audio.  The company was founded by Head Monster  Noel Lee more than 30 years ago with a commitment to creating products that literally "make music sound better" and it has continued to expand and diversify ever since.  Under its Monster Cable® brand, the company leads the way in advanced audio, video, and data connectivity solutions, and under the Monster Power® brand, it provides high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 350 U.S. and international patents and 100 pending, offering more than 6,000 products in over 120 countries worldwide.
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