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-- Company Continues to Innovate in Advanced Headphones; Turbine Pro Copper Features Expanded Line of Critically Acclaimed  "SuperTip™" Sound-Isolating Eartips --
Las Vegas, NV, January 6, 2010 - Monster, a world leader in advanced consumer electronics accessories, today announced the availability of its highly anticipated Turbine™ Pro™ Copper In-Ear Speakers™. This latest addition to the company's critically acclaimed line of high-performance headphones provides music professionals and discriminating audiophiles an unprecedented solution for achieving superior accuracy in both studio work and onstage in-ear monitor use.  
Monster's recently introduced Turbine Pro Gold edition headphones are designed to provide listeners with a slightly pronounced low-frequency response, geared toward audiophile listeners who prefer extraordinarily punchy, impactful bass. In addition to their striking new copper with bright chrome cosmetic, the new Turbine Pro Copper version differs in that it provides unsurpassed accuracy over all audio frequencies for an ideal true-to-life professional reference listening experience.  
Noted Head Monster Noel Lee: "We at Monster consider music listening an art, so with our Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers we set out to create headphones that would become a trusted component of the creative process of music-making. With our Turbine Pro Gold Edition we created a powerful portable audio solution that does an exceptional job of accentuating the lower-end frequencies of sound. Now, with Turbine Pro Copper Edition, we are addressing the needs of today's professional market in yet another way, with an in-ear speaker that offers a true reference-quality experience, providing unsurpassed accuracy over all audio frequencies.  
Introducing Expanded Line of SuperTips™ for Those Who Prefer Foam  
As part of ongoing mission to enhance the personal listening experience, Monster is  expanding its patent-pending line of "SuperTip™" sound-isolating eartips. The new Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers will come with not only the existing lineup of rubber SuperTips - which debuted with the company's Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Speakers - they also include new  SuperTips made out of a specially engineered foam material. Along with the expanded line of SuperTips, Turbine Pro Copper Edition will still include the original eartips found in Monster's current line of headphones. This added choice in SuperTip options gives users more sizes and shapes of eartips than any other manufacturer.  
With SuperTips, the end result is astoundingly clean, tight audio response and great-sounding music that can be listened to without fatigue for hours and hours. SuperTips literally block out extraneous sound like no other eartip available, allowing producers, engineers and musicians to immerse themselves in the music they're creating.  
Monsterous Extras... 
To add to the Turbine Pro audiophile experience, the headphones come packaged with an attractive, super soft sewn pouch and a matching clip pouch that will also house the eartips or In-Ear Speakers.  For those who want to carry several kinds of eartips, Monster has engineered soft silicon, "revolver" style holder that neatly fits into the clip pouch. 
Notably, Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers come with an unheard-of guarantee in the CE industry. Knowing that professionals and travelers often abuse their gear, the company offers a one-time Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - even if users break the headphones themselves. With its all-metal construction and robust strain relieve, Monster believes Turbine Pro is one of the most durable in-ear headphones ever made. 
Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers are available for a suggested retail price of $399.95 per pair or $429.95 with Monster's ControlTalk™ headphone cable, which can be used with iPhone™ and iPod® for music playback control as well as to take hands-free calls with iPhone and many smartphones. Monster Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Speakers are currently available for a suggested retail price of $299.95 per pair or $329.95 with ControlTalk. 
The debut of Turbine Pro™ In-Ear Speakers™ is part of Monster's ongoing commitment to improve the quality of the portable audio experience. 
About Monster
Monster was founded by Head Monster Noel Lee with a commitment to creating products under the Monster Cable® brand to literally "make music sound better." Today, Monster has grown and diversified to become the world's leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for high-performance audio, video, car audio, computer, console and computer gaming, as well as a leading innovator in the field of iPod® and iPhone™ accessories and professional audio and sound reinforcement. As part of its commitment to improving the music listening experience, Monster worked with Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine to create the Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ headphone line, including the new Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones. The company is also continuing to innovate with its own line of Monster brand headphones, including "Turbine Pro™ In-Ear Speakers™," the first in-ear headphones geared for use by music professionals and audiophiles. Additionally, under its Monster Power® brand, the company is the leading manufacturer of high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems.  
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