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Monster® Home Theater HTUPS 3700 PowerCenter™ with Battery Back-Up, Countdown Display and Green Power
The HTUPS 3700 combines backup battery power, advanced T2™ power protection against surges and spikes, Clean Power® filtering, and Automatic Voltage Regulation to provide the ultimate protection for your valuable home theater equipment. An internal battery maintains power AV components even during a power outage, protecting your equipment and preventing the loss of home theater settings. Patented CountDown™ Technology lets you easily monitor remaining battery backup time and Monster GreenPower™ outlets reduce standby mode energy waste. Monster HD Clean Power™ filters electrical noise and interference to maximize AV performance and reduce wear to delicate digital circuitry. Exclusive T2 automatic disconnect/reconnect circuitry and patented Tri-Mode® provides comprehensive protection against dangerous power conditions.
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UPS, AVR, and Green Power 
Home Theater® PowerCenter™ HTUPS 2700 w/ Clean Power™ Stage 2, Battery Back-Up & Automatic Voltage Regulation
The Monster Power® Home Theater Uninterrruptible Power Supply HTUPS 2700 is designed to maintain power to your sensitive home theater components even during power outages with an internal backup battery. In addition, the HTUPS 2700 provides advanced protection for home theater AV components with microprocessor-controlled T2™ circuitry and Tri-Mode surge protection. HD Clean Power Stage 2 filters out noise and protects sensitive electronics circuitry of AV equipment. The HTUPS 2700 also features automatic voltage regulation which keeps the voltage going to your home theater within a safe range.
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6 Outlets, Stage 2, UPS, AVR 
Monster® Home Theater HTBX 1000 Extended Battery Supply for HTUPS 2700
The HTBX 1000 external battery is designed to increase the battery runtime of the Monster HTUPS 2700 up to four hours so that power is maintained even longer to critical home theater components during extended power outages. With the HTBX 1000, you’ll have extra peace of mind that your home theater settings are saved and your equipment is protected.
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Battery Extension Unit for HTUPS 2700