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PRO AVS 2000 Rack Mountable Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
Built for serious audio professionals, musicians, studios and facilities where achieving superior performance really matters, the PRO AVS 2000 stabilizes power line fluctuations to maintain a constant 120 volts. AC power line voltage inconsistencies and brownouts can diminish performance (more distortion, less dynamic range, weaker power) and reduce lifespan—protect your system and get optimal performance with PRO AVS 2000. Delivers the precise voltage equipment works best at—for recording studios, stage, tech facilities, and on the road. Wide 80-140V correction range of PRO AVS 2000 handles touring's uncertainties.and performance. The result is that you the smoothest, most natural sound and tone. Features Monster XLR® lights for easy installation.
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Pro AVS 2000 Rack Power Center