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Signature Series™ Home Theater Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000
The ultimate voltage stabilizer for home theater, Monster Signature Series AVS2000 features a personally signed plate from The Head Monster, Noel Lee, plus exclusive technology to keep your system performing at its best even during power brownouts (common during peak demand hours in the summertime) and when other voltage irregularities occur. AVS2000SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer delivers exactly 120-volts to your equipment -- the precise voltage that sensitive audio and video components are designed to work at -- even when your local power company delivers as little as 80-volts or as much as 140-volts (overvoltage surges are surprisingly common!). Protect your valuable components from damage that occurs from too-low or too-high voltage, and assure maximum system performance anytime of the year, with Monster Signature Series AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer