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PowerLine® 300, 8ft High Performance Detachable IEC Power Cord
Your Monster Power system is only as strong as the weakest link in your electronics chain. This 8ft. detachable power cord, the PowerLine® 300, provides you with maximum current transfer, maximum conductivity, and offers a high performance solution to connect your components to Monster PowerCenters.
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Monster PowerLine 300 IEC 8 ft. 
PowerLine® 200 8ft Low Noise Detachable IEC Power Cord
The PowerLine® 200 provides you with a high performance, low noise hookup for your high end audio and video electronics. This 8ft, detachable power cord provides maximum conductivity and superior rejection of EM and RF interference.
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Monster PowerLine 200 IEC 8 ft. 
PowerLine® 100, 8ft Detachable IEC Power Cord
The PowerLine® 100 has advanced features to deliver maximum current to your power hungry components. 24K gold contacts, ultrafine copper stranding, and exclusive Monster features like a 30º angled FlatProfile™ Plug make the Monster PowerLine 100 power cord an ideal choice for audio, video, and computer components.
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Monster PowerLine 100 IEC - 8 ft. 
PowerLine® 100 12ft Extension Cable
12-foot high performance, low-resistance extension cable for delivery of high current AC power to your component or AC PowerCenter. Advanced, ultra-fine stranded construction maintains delivery of high current power with minimal loss over long lengths to ensure your components receive the maximum current they need to maintain their peak performance.
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12 ft. Extension cable