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FlatScreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter™ 200
The Monster Flatscreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter is the perfect solution for the neatest, low-profile installation of a super slim TV. The PowerCenter gives you two surge-protected outlets where you need them – right behind your TV. Monster’s exclusive Dual Mode Plus ™ automatically disconnects to protect your TV from harmful power conditions and patented HD Clean Power ® rejects interference to improve audio and video performances.
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In-Wall PowerCenter 
FlatScreen PowerCenter™ HTS 300 with Clean Power™ Stage 1
Protect your investment in high defintion home theater components with the Monster Flatscreen PowerCenter™ HTS 300. Advanced Dual Mode Plus™ and SurgeGuard™ surge protection keeps your equipment safe from surges, spikes and dips in power. Patented Monster CleanPower™ filtering removes noise and interference for better HDTV picture and sound™. And the ultra-low profile design of the HTS 300 lets you easily install behind furniture.
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3 outlets, 1 pr. coax and 1 pr. phone 
FlatScreen PowerCenter™ SuperThin™ 300 with Clean Power™ Stage 1
Protect your flatscreen TV with the ultra-low profile SuperThin 300. It easily fits behind furniture and is ideal for installing behind new super slim TVs. It features exclusive Monster Dual Mode Plus™ power protection to keep equipment safe from harmful surges. Patented Clean Power® removes noise and interference for better picture and sound. Fireproof ceramic protection reduces the risk of fire caused by power surges.
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SuperThin 3 Side Outlet PowerCenter 
Monster® FlatScreen PowerProtect™ 200
Advanced surge protection for LCD and plasma TVs. Two protected AC outlets and coax video connections. Protection avancée contre les surtensions pour téléviseurs LCD et plasma. Deux sorties CA protégées et connexions vidéo coaxiales.
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FlatScreen PowerProtect, 2 outlets, white