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Home Theater PowerCenter™ HTS 1000 MKIII with Clean Power™ Stage 2
The Monster HTS 1000 MKIII leads the Home Theatre PowerCenter family with ultra-advanced microprocessor controlled T2 disconnect/reconnect circuitry, Tri-Mode protection with alarm, and over 6125 Joules of surge absorption capacity. Monster Clean Power Stage 2, a digital LED voltage meter, protected coax, phone, and network connections, and 8 surge protected, isolated power outlets give you world-class performance from your AV components.
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8 Outlet, 2 Pr. Coax, 1 pr. phone, 1 pr. network 
Home Theater PowerCenter™ HTS 950 with Clean Power™ Stage 1
The Monster HTS 950 Home Theatre PowerCenter delivers comprehensive surge protection for your home theater system with patented Tri-Mode disconnect circuitry. It also has Clean Power Stage 1 AC powerline noise filtering for Better Picture and Sound. The HTS 950 features eight isolated AC outlets, two pairs of coaxial connections, and two phone/network connections to filter and protect all of your home theater equipment.
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8 outlet, 2 pr. coax, 1 pr. phone, 1 pr. network