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Signature Series™ Chassis Power and Amplifiers
Monster Signature Series power components offer exceptional video and audio performancematched with unrivaled aesthetics.

Signature Series PowerCenters provide the ultimate in Clean Power™ AC line conditioning, voltage stabilization, and surge protection for the discerning ears and eyes of demanding audiophiles.

Monster Signature Series Power is more that just Clean Power filtering, stabilization and protection, it's about amplification too. Signature Series Amplifiers, available in 2, 3, and 5-channel configurations, aresuited for the finest reference quality home theater systems. The exclusive Monster Mirrored Amplifierâ„¢ virtually eliminates audio distortion, even at the highest power levels for the purest listening experience.

All Monster Signature Series components feature unique blue LED digital meters and a personally signed nameplate from The Head Monster, Noel Lee, signifying the Monster commitment to engineering the finest power products available anywhere.

Monster Signature series power products represent the pinnacle of home theater power performance with a complete solution for amplification, protection, filtering, and stabilization.
Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference HTPS 7000 MKII PowerSource with Dual Balanced Pure Power™ Transformers and Clean Power™ Stage 5
Signature HTPS 7000 MKII with Dual Balanced Pure Power™ Transformers This exclusive power source is signed by The Head Monster, Noel Lee, and features exclusive Monster® Dual Balanced Pure Power™ circuitry for the lowest noise, best picture, and sound performance.
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Monster Clean Power™ Stage 5 
Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 4
With new improved Stage 4 filters that remove virtually all AC line noise and component-generated noise from your system, extremely high Joule rating for surge protection you can count on, and a level of excellence reflected in the personal signature of The Head Monster, Noel Lee, the Signature Series HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter sets a new standard for high-end home theater power conditioning. Patented Clean Power Stage 4 technology helps ensure that you're always seeing the best picture and hearing the best sound your home theater system can deliver. Get Signature Series HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter for the performance and protection your valuable home theater system investment deserves.
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Monster Clean Power™ Stage 4 v.2.1 
Signature Series™ Home Theater Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000
The ultimate voltage stabilizer for home theater, Monster Signature Series AVS2000 features a personally signed plate from The Head Monster, Noel Lee, plus exclusive technology to keep your system performing at its best even during power brownouts (common during peak demand hours in the summertime) and when other voltage irregularities occur. AVS2000SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer delivers exactly 120-volts to your equipment -- the precise voltage that sensitive audio and video components are designed to work at -- even when your local power company delivers as little as 80-volts or as much as 140-volts (overvoltage surges are surprisingly common!). Protect your valuable components from damage that occurs from too-low or too-high voltage, and assure maximum system performance anytime of the year, with Monster Signature Series AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 
Signature Series™ Pro Power 5100 PowerCenter™ UHC
Signature Pro 5100 Professional PowerCenter™ with Monster® Clean Power™ Stage 4 v.2.0 A superior power management product designed for custom, professionally installed home theater systems, and signed by the Head Monster, Noel Lee. Features exclusive Monster Clean Power™ Stage 4 v.2.0 circuitry for best picture and sound performance, and advanced T2™ and Tri Mode surge protection.
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20A/100A Peak, 12 Outlets, 3 Pr. Coax