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The World's Most Advanced Power Conditioning Surge Protection and GreenPower
The World's Most Advanced Power Conditioning
Surge Protection and GreenPower
Monster Power® provides comprehensive power protection solutions for home theater components, computer
equipment, appliances and more. From the simplest hookup to the most complex system, Monster has a
PowerCenter that will meet your needs and your budget.
Monsterous™ Benefits
Fireproof Protection Against Harmful Surges and Spikes
Fireproof Protection Against Harmful Surges and Spikes
Ordinary surge protectors use plastic-coated MOVs – metal oxide varistors – to absorb excess voltage. But powerful surges can melt the plastic coating, potentially causing a fire. This Monster® PowerCenter features fireproof ceramic-encased MOVs for superior fire protection. mind that your home theater and, more importantly, your home is safe. All Monster PowerCenters are UL listed.
Power Solutions for All Your Needs
Power Solutions for All Your Needs
Monster has the power products you need, whatever you're hooking up, wherever you go. Whether it's extra outlets and USB charging for personal electronics like cell phones and MP3 players, in-wall PowerCenters for complex home installations, or backup battery power for protection against power outages, Monster Power provides dependability, convenience, and safety.
Monster PowerCenters include many convenient features like patented color-coded outlets for easy hookup and matching cord labels that eliminate unplugging the wrong component. The long power cord easily reaches a wall outlet and Monster's exclusive FlatProfile® plug allows you to keep furniture close to the wall. Wide-spaced outlets accommodate bulky power adaptersv without blocking other outlets.
Complete Protection
Complete Protection
Protecting your valuable equipment from dangerous power conditions on the AC powerline is just the first step. Surges and spikes can also travel on your cable, satellite, antenna, modem, and Ethernet lines. Monster PowerCenters go the extra mile by automatically disconnecting your equipment from harmful surges on coax, phone, and/or network lines for comprehensive protection on all paths.
Introducing Monster® Clean Power
The Monster Solution to Eliminate Polluted Power
Electronic appliances, cell phones, and even home theater components all generate electromagnetic noise that degrades audio and video performance. In addition, the current coming from AC power outlets is inherently unbalanced, creating high-frequency oscillations that cause hum, buzz, and static. This unbalanced, dirty power can seriously degrade audio clarity and corrupts video color and sharpness. Each Monster PowerCenterTM features patented.
Clean Power filtering that minimizes electronic noise to maximize the performance of audio and video
components. All Monster PowerCenter products with Clean Power Stage 2 and above feature isolated filters. As the Clean Power Stage increases, so does the quality of noise rejection and source component isolation. Isolated filters specifically designed for video, analog audio, digital, and ultra high current AV components ensure that any connected AV components don't interfere with each other, and give you all the home theater performance that you've paid for.
Simply put, Monster Clean Power delivers the best possible picture and sound.
Clean Power Stage 1A single filter rejects audio and video noise. Ideal for entry-level AV systems.
Clean Power Stage 2Two isolated filters (plus an ultra-high current filter on HTS 2000 MKII, PB 2100, HTS 2500 MKII and HTS 2600 deliver maximum current to high power components), optimized for audio and video, provide excellent AC powerline noise rejection and isolation of audio equipment from video equipment for improved component-generated noise rejection. Ideal for higher quality AV systems and home theaters.
Clean Power Stage 3Three isolated filters including analog audio, video, digital (plus an ultra-high current filter to deliver maximum current to high power components) provide a higher level of AC powerline noise rejection and isolation of interconnected equipment in your system. Ideal for high performance audio, video, and digital sources using high power amplifiers and receivers.
Clean Power Stage 4 Five isolated filters including two separate digital filters, analog audio, video, and ultra-high current audio filers provide superior AC powerline noise rejection and isolation of audio equipment from video and digital equipment for ultimate component generated noise rejection. Ideal for audiophile and videophile AV systems.
Clean Power Stage 5 Five isolated filters provide ultimate rejection of the electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) interference present in your AC power lines as well as your home theater components. These include two digital filters, analog audio and video-filters, and a high current audio filter. Using optimized filters for each home theater application enables maximum performance from your home theater equipment. Recommended for reference home theater systems.
Clean Power Stage 6 Dual Balanced Pure Power circuitry converts power at ground into pure balanced power that further cancels and rejects noise while isolating AV components from each other and eliminating powerline oscillations. Ideal for critical listening environments.
Monster Delivers More
Than Mere Surge Protection
Harmful power surges and voltage spikes caused by lighting, garage door openers, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, and other appliances can travel up the AC power line and damage your delicate AV equipment. Monster PowerCenters protect your equipment with higher Joule ratings offering better surge absorption. That's only the beginning.
Storms, appliances, and even your neighbors' electronics can disrupt
the power flowing to your delicate home theater equipment.
Dual Mode Plus technology protects AV equipment from over-voltages or extreme voltage surges via MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) and thermal fuses. When a power surge occurs, Dual Mode Plus will disconnect the load and sound an alarm and visual warning indicating if any MOVs have sacrificed themselves to protect connected equipment.
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Dual Mode products to fit your needs.
Patented Tri-Mode technology protects all three power lines (Line, Neutral, Ground) via relays, MOVs, and thermal fuses. During voltage sags and swells, the relays automatically disconnect the Line and Neutral power lines, and sound an alarm. Tri Mode circuitry immediately reconnects power lines when voltage returns to normal operating threshold.
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Tri-Mode products to fit your needs.
Advanced Monster T2 technology is an active electronic microprocessor controlled circuit that sits in front of the other surge protection circuitry in select Monster Power products. Unlike ordinary power management devices, T2 will shut down your PowerCenter (and connected components) if it senses an overload condition. It will reconnect power when the power condition returns to normal.
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T2 products to fit your needs.
Green Power
Save Money, Save the Earth
Your Electronics Waste Energy Even After They're Turned Off
Your home electronics use a lot of electricity when they are turned on, but did you know that many AV electronics and computer equipment, go into stand-by and continue to consume electricity, even after you've turned them off?
Find Out More About Stand-by Energy Waste
This constant electrical usage is called by many names: "stand-by," "idle current," "phantom load," or "vampire energy," and 'leaking electricity." Whatever you call it, stand-by energy waste can account for up to 20% of your home's electricity use, according the U.S. Department of Energy.

The list of "energy vampires" in your home is long: HDTVs, DVD and CD players, video game systems, AV receivers, cell phone chargers, computers, printers, scanners, and more. Although stand-by energy use is a fraction of what equipment uses when it's fully on, it all adds up quickly.

Of course, stand-by energy waste not only increases your electric bill, it also increases your carbon footprint. The energy needed to support your home's stand-by power waste is often generated by coal burning plants that pollute the air, or nuclear power plants that generate radioactive waste.

The Experts Talk About Stand-By Energy Waste.
U.S. Department of Energy
Your electronics - computer, TV, VCR, even your phone chargers – use energy even when they're turned off. Stand-by power can account for as much as 20% of home energy use."
- U.S. Department of Energy
Minnesota Department of Commerce
"Standby power or "phantom load" is the electricity that flows through appliances and devices when they are turned "off"–up to 40% of "on" for some things!"
- Minnesota Department of Commerce
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy "Home electronics and small household appliances (such as televisions (TVs), video cassette recorders (VCRs), telephone answering machines, cordless phones, portable power tools, office equipment, etc.) draw energy not only when they are in use, but also when the power is ostensibly off. This phenomenon is known as "leaking electricity." Leaking electricity is responsible for an estimated 45 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity consumed by U.S. households each year—nearly 5 percent of total residential electricity use—and costs U.S. consumers more than $3.5 billion annually."
- American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
"Unplug electronics, battery chargers and other equipment when not in use. If all Californians unplugged electronics when not in use, it would be like taking 120,000 cars off road."
- PG&E
U.S. Department of Energy
"Unplug electric chargers, televisions and audio/video equipment when not in use (or plug them into a power strip you can turn off and on). These devices use electricity even when they are not in use."
- ComEd
Southern California Edison
"Conservation is a lifestyle, not just something we should do during emergencies.... Turn off appliances and equipment and unplug them when not in use, as they still draw on your power supply when plugged in."
- Southern California Edison
Introducing Monster GreenPower™ Energy Saving Technology
Green Trees, Snowy Mountain, Blue Sky
We're proud to bring you a new generation of PowerCenters featuring Monster GreenPower energy saving technologies. Of course, these PowerCenters also have the same advanced Monster surge protection for maximum equipment lifespan, and patented Clean Power™ filtering for improved performance from all your AV and computer equipment.

See all Monster GreenPower™ Products
For home theater
Use your remote to automatically cut power to energy wasting equipment. Remote controlled outlets on the PowerCenter switch off to stop stand-by waste by HDTVs, AV receivers, amplifiers, subwoofers and more.

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Monster HD IR 2550 High Definition PowerCenter™ w/ Green Power
For computers and home theater
Use one piece of equipment to automatically cut power to the rest. When your computer, TV, or other equipment that's plugged into the PowerCenter's Control outlet is switched off, the GreenPower outlets automatically switch off, eliminating energy wasted by AV equipment like receivers and subwoofers, or computer peripherals like your monitor and scanner.

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Clean Power
Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference PowerCenter™ HTS 5100 with Monster Clean Power™ Stage 4
Manual PDF(1.2 MB)
Monster® Home Theater HTS 1600 PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 2
Manual PDF(408 KB)
Computer Power
Monster Power® Digital PowerCenter™ MDP 700
Manual PDF(880 KB)
HP Surge Protector 200 (English/Spanish)
Manual PDF(196kb)
HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter™ 450 (English/Spanish)
Manual PDF(364KB)
HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter™ 650G w/ Green Power (English/Spanish)
Manual PDF(3.4MB)
HP Monster® Digital PowerCenter™ 800G w/ Green Power (English/Spanish)
Manual PDF(5.1MB)
Green Power
Monster® Home Theater HTUPS 3700 PowerCenter™ with Battery Back-Up, Countdown Display and Green Power
Manual PDF(2.2 MB)
Monster GreenPower™ HDP 850G PowerCenter™
Monster GreenPower™ HDP 900G PowerCenter™
HDP 900G Manual PDF(712 KB)
Monster GreenPower™ HDP 1850G High Definition PowerCenter™
HDP 1850G Manual PDF(1.83 MB)
Home Theater PowerCenter™ HT 800G with Monster GreenPower™
HT800G Manual PDF(1 MB)
Audio Video PowerCenter™ AV 775G with Monster GreenPower™
AV775G Manual PDF(1 MB)
Monster® Home Theater HTS 1900G PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 2
HTS1900G Manual PDF(3 MB)
Monster Power® Remote Access Card 100
MP RA 100 Manual PDF(368k)
Monster GreenPower™ HDP 950G+ PowerCenter™
Monster GreenPower™ HDP 1250G+ PowerCenter™
Home Theater AV Power
Monster® Home Theater Reference HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 4
Manual PDF(1.2 MB)
Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 4
Manual PDF(3.12mb)
Signature Series™ Home Theater Reference HTPS 7000 MKII PowerSource with Dual Balanced Pure Power™ Transformers and Clean Power™ Stage 5
Manual PDF(1mb)
Home Theater PowerCenter™ HTS 950 with Clean Power™ Stage 1
Manual PDF(1.6mb)
Monster® FlatScreen PowerProtect™ 200 (English/French)
Manual PDF(2.5 MB)
Home Theater PowerCenter™ HTS 1000 MKIII with Clean Power™ Stage 2
Manual PDF(1.4 MB)
Monster HDP 1800 High Definition PowerCenter™
Manual PDF()
Monster HDP 2500 High Definition PowerCenter™
Manual PDF()
Monster® Home Theater HTS 1700 PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 2
HTS 1700 Manual PDF(3 MB)
FlatScreen PowerCenter™ SuperThin™ 300 with Clean Power™ Stage 1
FlatScreen SuperThin In-Wall PowerCenter™ 200 (English/French/Spanish)
Pro Power for Custom Install
Signature Series™ Home Theater Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000
Block Diagram PDF(99 KB)
Owner's Manual PDF(1.1 MB)
Signature Series™ Pro Power 5100 PowerCenter™ UHC
Manual PDF(2.6mb)
Pro Power for Musicians
PRO 2500 Rack Mountable PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 2
Manual PDF(361 KB)
PRO 2000 with Clean Power™ Stage 2, Dual Mode Plus Protection, and 12 Color-Coded Outlets
Manual PDF(475 KB)
PRO 1000 with Clean Power™ Stage 2
Manual PDF(359 KB)
PRO 900 Rack Mountable PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage
Manual PDF(804kb)
Travel Power
Outlets To Go™ 200 Global Adapter (English/French/Spanish)
Outlets To Go™ 300 Travel Kit (English/French/Spanish)
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Home Theater® PowerCenter™ HTUPS 2700 w/ Clean Power™ Stage 2, Battery Back-Up & Automatic Voltage Regulation
Manual PDF(78kb)
Voltage Stabilizers
PRO AVS 2000 Rack Mountable Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
Manual PDF(458 KB)
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Monster's patented clean power™ circuity filters both AC powerline noise and rejectsnoise generated by your connected equipment for the purest signal integrity, giving you ultimate picture and sound.