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Monster 400 XLN® XTREME Audio Y-Adapter
Allows Your Single-Output Head Unit to Support Multichannel Audio for Powerful, Audiophile-Quality Sound

Monster 400 XLN® XTREME Audio Y-Adapter
3-way Time Correct® windings with separate high, mid and low frequency wire networks for cleaner sound. MicroFiber® conductor insulation provides the best isolation for improved clarity.
8-cut Turbine® Stubby™ connectors. 400 Series exclusive Ultra Polished Mirror Chrome finish
 2 Males to 1 Female Adapter  MPC I400 Y-1F  113932-00  $59.95 ea.

Enjoy Multi-Channel Audio Without Replacing Your Current Single-Output Head Unit for Exciting, AudioPhile Quality Sound
Enjoying your favorite music, movies and video games in your car with multi-channel audio enhances your mobile entertainment experience. But if your head unit has only one set of audio outputs, you need to split the signal beyond the current 2-channel setup to get multi-channel audio. With patented technologies including XLN® Xtreme construction, PEX™ dielectric and 3-way Time Correct® windings, Monster 400 Series Audio Y-adapters expand your system's capabilities by splitting a single audio output into two. This allows you to transfer signals to multiple or multi-channel amplifiers while reducing noise for maximum sonic clarity.

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