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Monster 402 XLN® XTREME Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
Monster's Most Adanced Technologies Maximize Power Transfer to Your Speakers for Powerful, Dynamic Sound

Monster 402 XLN® XTREME Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
Precision Time Correct® windings for pinpoint imaging and soundstage. Magnetic Flux Tube® minimizes distortion-producing magnetic fields for extended low frequency bass response.
Low-loss PEX™ dielectric maintains signal integrity for enhanced depth and improved reproduction of inner detail. MultiTwist™ construction provides excellent noise rejection.
 250 ft. Spool - 76.2 m.  MPC S402 2C-250  121041-00  $2.00 ft.
 25 ft. MiniBulk Bubble - 7.62 m.  MPC S402 2C-7.5M  121039-00  $49.95 ea.

Maximize Signal and Power Transfer to Your Speakers for Audiophile Quality Sound with Superior Sonic Clarity
For serious audio enthusiasts, ultimate performance speaker cable can make a great system sound even better. Featuring patented Monster technologies including 2-way Time Correct® windings, XLN® Xtreme noise rejection construction and PEX™ dielectric, Monster Performance Car 400 Series Speaker Cables deliver intense audio with maximum sonic clarity. Highs are extended and open. Midrange takes on a dimensionality that brings you closer to the experience. And low frequencies become tighter and more dynamic for sound reproduction so faithful you’ll swear it’s the original source recording.

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