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Monster 400 PowerFlex™ Power & Ground Cable (1/0 Gauge)
Maximizes Low-Loss, High-Current Power Transfer to Power-Hungry Amplifiers for Ultimate Performance

Monster 400 PowerFlex™ Power & Ground Cable (1/0 Gauge)
DuraFlex® jacket construction makes this cable very flexible for ease of installation. Patented Magnetic Flux Tube® allows for greater current transfer
Bulk spools or convenient 20 foot power and 5 foot ground retail packs Available in red, black, silver and blue
 125 ft. 1/0 Gauge Ground Cable - Black  MPC P400 1B-125  121031-00  $5.00 ft.
 125 ft. 1/0 Gauge Ground Cable - Silver  MPC P400 1S-125  121033-00  $6.00 ft.

Monster’s Most Advanced Power Cable Technologies and Construction Maximize Power Delivery to Your Amplifies
Whether you have a competition-level audiophile install or a surround sound mobile entertainment system with video and gaming, your high-powered amplifiers demand maximum power transfer to perform optimally. Settling for anything less can compromise performance and deliver flat, distorted sound with diminished dynamic range. Featuring high-purity copper stranding and patented Magnetic Flux Tube® technology, Monster 400 Series PowerFlex™ Power and Ground Cables deliver high current power transfer to your amplifiers with minimal loss so no matter what your system, you’ll experience powerful music, movies, and gaming with maximum sonic clarity.

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