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Monster 300 XLN® Audio Y-Adapter
Allows Your Single-Output Head Unit to Support Multichannel Audio for Intense, High-Quality Sound

Monster 300 XLN® Audio Y-Adapter
XLN® technology with up to 60 dB of noise rejection. 2-way Time Correct® windings with dual wire networks for enhanced sound.
6-cut, Polished Black Nickel, Turbine® Stubby™ connectors. 300 series exclusive Polished Black Nickel Finish.
 2 Males to 1 Female Adapter  MPC I300 Y-1F  113930-00  $29.95 ea.
 1 Male to 2 Females Adapter  MPC I300 Y-2F  113931-00  $29.95 ea.

Enjoy Multi-Channel Audio without Replacing Your Current Single-Output Head Unit for Increased Depth and Clarity
The quality of today’s mobile entertainment is better than ever. But if your head unit has only one set of audio outputs, you need to split the signal beyond the current 2-channel setup to get multi-channel audio. With patented 2-way Time Correct® windings and Xtra Low Noise® technology, Monster 300 Series Audio Y-adapters expand your system’s capabilities by splitting a single audio output into two. This allows you to transfer signals to multiple or multi-channel amplifiers while reducing noise so all you hear is the sound of entertainment.

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