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Monster 302 XLN® Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
Patented Monster Technologies Increase Power Transfer to Your Speakers for Maximum Sonic Clarity

Monster 302 XLN® Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
XLN ® Construction with noise rejection built right into the cable. Patented Magnetic Flux Tube® helps direct current flow inside the cable.
Delivers impressive clarity, bass response, and dynamic range in a compact design. SingleHelix® construction features unique twisting packs of quality copper.
 250 ft. Spool - 76.2 m  MPC S302 2C-250  120979-00  $0.80 ft.
 25 ft. MiniBulk Bubble - 7.62 m  MPC S302 2C-7.5M  120977-00  $19.95 ea.

Enhance Speaker Performance with Efficient, Low-Loss Power Transfer for Increased Depth and Clarity
Using advanced performance speaker cable is an investment that pays off. Featuring a large copper conductor surface area and XLN® noise rejection construction, Monster Performance Car 300 Series Speaker Cables deliver the power your speakers need for music, movie and video game audio with increased clarity—down to the last detail. SingleHelix™ construction tightly twists conductors to eliminate electromagnetic noise, and patented Magnetic Flux Tube® technology breaks up internal magnetic fields for less distortion. You’ll experience sound quality more powerful than ever as the bass comes alive and the midrange becomes crystal clear.

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