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Monster 202 LN® Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
Monster Technologies Optimize Power Transfer to Unleash Your Speakers' Performance Potential

Monster 202 LN® Speaker Cable (2-Conductor)
Special strandings wound around a Magnetic Flux Tube® requires less power to carry sound. Innovative LPE TMinsulation reduces signal loss and distortion for impressive clarity and wide dynamic range.
Flexible, heavy-duty Duraflex® jacket makes cable durable and easy to use.
 500 ft. spool - 152.4 m.  MPC S202 2C-500  120891-00  $0.60 ft.
 25 ft. MiniBulk Bubble - 7.62 m  MPC S202 2C-7.5M  120889-00  $14.95 ea.

Deliver the Power Your Speakers Need to Reproduce Crystal-Clear, Head-Turning Sound
When it comes to experiencing great audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Featuring a large copper conductor surface area, Monster Performance Car 200 Series Speaker Cables deliver the power your speakers need to reproduce the wide dynamic range found in today’s audio recordings. An ultra-flat profile design lies flush beneath carpets for a clean installation, while patented Magnetic Flux Tube® technology breaks up internal electromagnetic fields for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.

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