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Monster 300 Composite Video Cable
Advanced Monster Technologies Deliver Low-Loss, Razor-Sharp Video Signal with Vivid, Natural Colors

Monster 300 Composite Video Cable
Compact Desgin fits in tight spaces and routes easily. Award-winning 24k gold-plated contact Stubby™ connectors maximize signal transfer.
Nitrogen-Injected dielectric maintains precise 75-ohm impedance. Heavy-Duty double shielding provides superior noise rejection.
 Composite 1 m. piece - 3.28 ft.  MPC V300 R-1M  120893-00  $29.95 ea.
 Composite 3 m. piece - 9.84 ft.  MPC V300 R-3M  120931-00  $39.95 ea.
 Composite 5 m. piece - 16.40 ft.  MPC V300 R-5M  120933-00  $49.95 ea.
 Composite 6 m. piece - 19.68 ft.  MPC V300 R-6M  120934-00  $54.95 ea.

Enjoy High-Resolution Picture Quality that Adds Depth and Realism to Your Favorite Movies and Video Games
From serious competition to entertaining family and friends, high-resolution video systems add excitement to mobile entertainment. But connecting video screens, DVD players and gaming systems with ordinary video cables, or audio cables with yellow connectors disguised as video cables, can result in dull colors, fuzzy images and dot crawl. Monster 300 Series Video Interconnects feature advanced technologies including dual layer shielding and nitrogen-injected dielectric to lock in a precise 75-Ohm impedance, even when the cable bends around corners. You’ll experience sharper, more vibrant picture that will bring your favorite movies and video games to life.

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