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Monster 300 Crimpless Ring Terminals
Advanced Performance Crimpless Ring Terminals Offer Power Cables A Secure Connection that Looks Great

Monster 300 Crimpless Ring Terminals
Set screw type cable to terminal fastening. Designed for easy connection to 1/0, 4, and 8 gauges power cables.
Designed to fit nearly all battery terminals. Reusable, no crimping easy connection.
300 series exclusive Polished Black Nickel Finish.
 Crimpless Power 1/0 & 2 AWG Ring Term  MPC P300 CPRT 1  120948-00  $19.95 pr.

Advanced Performance Monster® Crimpless Ring Terminals OfferPower Cables a Secure Connection that Looks Great
When it comes to your mobile entertainment system, ensuring advanced power transfer requires an advanced connection. Featuring a crimpless design with a polished black nickel finish, Monster Performance Car 300 Series Crimpless Ring Terminals offer battery terminals, circuit breakers and amplifier ground hookups a more secure power cable connection that looks great.

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