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Monster 306 XLN® Audio Interconnect (6-Channel)
Advanced Monster Technologies Deliver Detailed Highs, Deeper Bass and Intense, High-Quality Sound

Monster 306 XLN® Audio Interconnect (6-Channel)
XLN® technology with up to 60 dB of noise rejection. 2-way Time Correct® windings with dual wire networks for enhanced sound.
6-cut, Polished Black Nickel, Turbine® Stubby™ connectors. 300 series exclusive Polished Black Nickel Finish.
 6 Channel Audio Interconnect - 3 m.  MPC I306 6C-3M  122022-00  $79.95 ea.
 6 Channel Audio Interconnect - 5 m.  MPC I306 6C-5M  122024-00  $99.95 ea.

Get Six Channels of Audio in a Single Cable and Enhance Signal Transfer for Superior Sound and Easy Installation
Multi-channel audio in your car delivers exciting, dynamic sound. But hooking up multiple channels while ensuring efficient signal transfer can create a maze of cable runs that complicate installation. Monster 300 Series 6-Channel Audio Interconnects deliver front, rear and subwoofer signals down a signle cable for easy installation in tight spaces. 2-way Time Correct® windings separate high and low frequency wire networks for accurate reproduction of amplitude and phase response, while patented Xtra Low Noise® construction provides advanced noise rejection up to 60dB so all you can hear is the sound of entertainment.

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