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Monster® iCar USB 700 for iPhone and iPod
The Monster iCar Dual USB™ 700 is an easy, quick, and low-profile way to keep your portable devices charged on-the-go. Plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter, and you can charge both your iPhone and iPod or almost any two USB devices at a time. 10 watts of power means faster or high power charging,* making it perfect for mobile devices. *Some devices may limit charging speed.
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USB CLA Charger - 2 USB input, 2.1a 
Monster® iCar USB 600 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod
The Monster iCar USB 600 is the most convenient, low-profile way to keep your portable electronics charged when you're on the road. Just plug it into your 12 volt cigarette lighter, and you have a USB port that can charge virtually any USB device. 10 watts of total power output makes it perfect for charging iPad and other mobile devices.
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USB CLA Charger - 1 USB input, 2.1A