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Monster Learning
Find out why Monster's speed- rated HDMI cables are the best possible solution for any high definition system.
Find detailed, easy-to-understand information for hooking up your home theater audio and video system.
Protect yourself from counterfeited Monster products. Learn about authorized Monster dealers and sites with unauthorized sellers.
Learn all about the ultimate in high definition and interactive entertainment and how Monster makes it even better.
Monster Rocks
Whether you play and record music professionally for your own enjoyment, you'll get the sound you want with Monster Pro/MI cables.
Legendary performers. Legendary cable. Leading artists insist on using Monster on stage and in the studio.
When today's top DJs are rocking the crowd, they want the best possible sound they can get. That's why they choose Monster.
High Definition Surround sound lets you experience the music as if you were there, whether in the "Front Row" or "On Stage" in the middle of the band.
Monster Car
A complete line of premium car care products makes it easy to get the job done quickly so your car sparkles, inside and out.
Enter the world of high performance mobile audio and video when you Monsterize your car's entertainment system.