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Interlink® Portable 400 MkII Bandwidth Balanced Stereo RCA to 1/8'' Mini
Ultra-high performance interconnect for connecting portable CDs/DATs, Cassette, and MiniDisc Players. Bandwidth Balanced® dual solid core center conductors with Time Correct® windings make Interlink 400 MkII the best choice for audio and home theater enthusiasts who want smoother, more natural audiophile quality sound at an excellent value.
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.75 m. pair - 2.46 ft. 
Monster Standard® Stereo Mini Adapter Cable
Get Monster quality and performance at a very affordable price. This male 1/8" mini to male 1/8" stereo adapter features 24k gold contact, heavy-duty connectors for a high conductivity connection.
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4 ft. Male Mini to Male Mini Adapter