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Get the best sound possible from your in-ear headphones.

The proper eartip is the difference between getting good sound and getting superb audio from your in-ear headphone. With this in mind, Monster introduces SuperTips Eartips.

Like getting a new pair of headphones.

SuperTips features proprietary materials and engineering to deliver audio superior any other eartip. Deeper, tighter bass and more dynamic range - you won't believe the improvement in your earbuds.


Why Monster SuperTips?


The best noise-isolation.

SuperTips' unique shape and advanced materials work together to create a perfect seal in your ear and block sound from coming in or going out.


Soft, conforming material
for extreme comfort.

The pliable Gel and ultra-soft Foam materials conform easily to the shape of your ear canal for hours of comfortable listening.


Exclusive Monster
constrained layer.

Competitors' foam eartips absorb sound waves, deaden bass and decrease accuracy before the music reaches your ear. But SuperTips' Constrained Layer gives you the cleanest sound possible.


SuperTips kills germs.

SuperTips new anti-microbial formula kills germs on the EarTip surface to stop the spread of colds and flu.

Gel SuperTips

The ultimate audiophile eartip

Unique and innovative gel-filled design provides the ultimate in sound isolation and bass response. The pliable gel material conforms easily to the shape of your ear canal to reduce ear fatigue and give you a perfect fit.

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Foam SuperTips

For active listeners

The soft foam material adapts quickly to the shape of your ear canal and expands to give you a stay-put "grip" in your ear, making them perfect for active listeners. And the Monster Constrained Layer won't diminish high frequencies like ordinary foam eartips.

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Supertips are compatible with almost every brand of in-ear headphone.

Most likely you can upgrade your earbuds with Supertips today. Find out now.


Monster makes a Supertip product for every ear and listening style. Find your special
size and formulation to begin getting the most out of your in-ear headphones.

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