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Monster Sound Machine - Featuring Pure Monster Sound - Elevates the Rhythm
Elevates the Rhythm
Inspired by the Miami Sound Machine, Monster® created a headphone with a sound that captures the rich, percussive emotions and vocals of Latin music along with the rhythms of the whole world. Sound Machine headphones let you experience the rhythm-and it's irresistible.
DJ Headphones kick it hot
Sound Machine Over-Ear headphones bring out the dynamics of a wide variety of music, from the bite of horns and percussion, to the deepest, high impact of bass of EDM and Hip Hop.
Monster Sound
Machine Over-Ear
$269.95 MSRP
A Percussive Power
Sound Machine On-Ear headphones deliver the energy of the Latin beat with the best of Monster's audio expertise behind the technology. Offering the intimacy of a live performance, it's an exhilarating way to feel the music.
Monster Sound
Machine On-Ear
$169.95 MSRP
What People are Saying...
  • "From my first wear I fell in love with the comfort and sound of the ISport Headphones."
    Brandon Harris

  • "The iSport Immersion earphones sounded good across all sources. Instrument and timbre clarity in this range is on par with some more expensive headphones."

  • "It's the iSport I wear to work out in. I warm up in them. It makes it better for you when you want good tunes in your ear while you're working out."
    Marquis Daniels - Boston Celtics

  • "I had the opportunity to try the iSport LIVESTRONG headphones and I have to say they are the best head phones I have used in a very long time.”

  • "During an intense workout it has always been difficult to get my headphones to stay in place. Monster solved this problem with the patented proprietary in-ear clip anchor system, which fits the curve of the inner ear securely."

  • "The sound quality is terrific."
    Men's Health

  • "9 out of 10...Best in Class."
    Men's Journal