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DNA headphones Monster DNA - The Shape of Things to Come™

From the sound engineers of Beats by Dr Dre® headphones comes the newest in headphone technology, Monster® DNA™. Hear every detail, feel every beat, and express a bold, iconic, new look.

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Diamond Tears Diamond Tears

You get super accurate sound in an elegant on-ear design. High-performance music headphones co-designed with superstar producer JYP. Wonder Girls. School Gyrls. Edgy. Smooth.

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Purity Headphones Purity Headphones

Purity's rich and dynamic audio performance is the seamless companion for your mobile device. You'll hear everything, whether you're listening to your favorite music or talking with your favorite people.

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Inspiration Inspiration

The latest technology in active, broadband noise-cancellation meets Monsterous sound performance. Express yourself with a wide array of interchangeable headbands.

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iSport iSport

It's no surprise that this high-performance in-ear is the world's best-selling sports headphone. Won't shake out or sweat out. You can even wash it. It's truly the athlete's headphone.

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What People are Saying...
  • “Diamond Tears Featured as One of the Top Gadgets to Get for Your Valentine on”
    Complex Tech, Alex Bracetti

  • "These headphones offer the fabulous rich audio experience that you can expect from Monster's headphone products, and they also look great!"

  • "The sonics...make you feel like you are at a concert when you put the headphones on."

  • "The sound quality is terrific."
    Men's Health

  • "9 out of 10...Best in Class."
    Men's Journal

  • "...well worth it if you want well-balanced earphones with a beautiful design. I'm certainly considering making these my go-to earphones."

  • "When it comes to sound quality, the audio these headphones are able to produce is simply stunning. FINAL SCORE: 9/10."
    The Gamer Access

  • "...the crispest overall audio we've ever heard out of earbuds in this price range."
    Beatweek Magazine Best of 2012

  • "The audio quality is fantastic. They sound amazing for just about any genre..."

  • "They sound so good that you'll use them at your desk instead of your over-ear headphones."

  • "A sleek design and a personalized look that's hard to beat."

  • "It can play about 6dB louder than the Jambox and 3dB louder than the Soundmatters FoxL v2, and its battery ran about four times as long."
    Sound and Vision

  • "Implications aside, these horn-shaped buds are some of the cushiest we've ever planted in our sound holes...the sound was silky smooth."

  • "The Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEMs provided a great listening experience...with an open top and faithful representation of bass and midrange frequencies."

  • "These in-ear speakers are strong, durable and beautiful. The overall sound quality is amazing and feels "studio like" in quality."

  • "The iSport Immersion earphones sounded good across all sources. Instrument and timbre clarity in this range is on par with some more expensive headphones."

  • "There's something very personal about wearing headphones, especially these... they truly give you the fidelity of being in the concert and help keep Miles alive."
    Carlos Santana

  • "For me, great sound is mandatory. The clarity you can get out of the Turbines is insane. I get bass, I get mids, I get clean high...and they are comfortable!"
    Bobby Avila - Recording Engineer and Producer - Janet Jackson, Usher

  • "It's the iSport I wear to work out in. I warm up in them. It makes it better for you when you want good tunes in your ear while you're working out."
    Marquis Daniels - Boston Celtics

  • "If you're a fan of acoustic, organic music, you're going to love these... Exceptionally well-tuned to organic instruments."

  • "I have to plug these speakers I got from Monster...they're called, Clarity HD Model One. Basically portable & totally amazing."

  • "From my first wear I fell in love with the comfort and sound of the ISport Headphones."
    Brandon Harris