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This flash finder helps find the best HDMI cable to get the most from home theater entertainment centers.
Monster Advanced HDMI
Best of Class Performance
in Every Price Range
At Monster, it's about maximizing two things: performance and choice. Whatever your budget, we?ve got the HDMI cable you need. Whatever your components demand, we?ve got the HDMI cable you want.
Monster Speed Rated HDMI Cables offer the widest selection of performance, at the widest range of prices, so you have the widest selection of HDMI cables to choose from, for now and into the future
Movies. Games. Live Action Sports... 3D is here! This means new technology, new content, and new challenges for HDMI cables everywhere. So to get up to speed with 3D and how it affects your home theater, watch this video and check out our 3D TV Learning Page. Learn more
Monster Advanced HDMI and the new HDMI 1.4 Specification
Cable for Life
Monster Advanced for HDMI
Hookup Tips and Troubleshooting
3D Drives Need for Speed
HDMI Basic
Only Monster offers one stop shopping for ALL performance
levels and price ranges of HDMI cables
If you're new to home theater and want an entry level cable with the Monster reputation for superior quality backed by the Monsters Live Forever lifetime warranty, Monster Basic for HDMI at $39 is practically a steal.
Fulfill your need for speed with the speed-rated Monster Advanced for HDMI cables below, or see our
full range of HDMI cables.
The HDMI Cable Family
M1000 HDTV HDMI Cable
HDMI 1000hd Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable
HDMI 800hd Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable
HDMI 700hd High Speed HDMI Cable
HDMI 500hd Standard Speed HDMI Cable