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CES 2011
Monster CES Booth
What is CES?
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the ultimate event for electronics enthusiasts, industry pros, and early adopters. It’s where manufacturers announce new products and technologies for home theater, computer, gaming, home control and more. More than 8,000 attendees converge on Las Vegas, NV to showcase new products, network, and learn about emerging trends.
Monster at CES
Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of cables, AV accessories, and power conditioning products, presented an exciting and diverse range of new products and our latest breakthroughs, like Monster HP 3DLive™, an innovative new technology developed by the two powerful brands working together.
Following its tradition of hosting live performances, this year Monster partnered with legendary hit-makers Earth, Wind & Fire for an evening of inspired music. For added excitement, the concert was the first to stream live in full 3D, using Monster HP 3D live.
Monster also debuted of the TRON Car, inspired by the hit movie and specially designed for Monster by West Coast Customs.
What's new from Monster
CES is the place to announce new products, new technologies, and new excitement. Monster has plenty of each for 2011. Check out what the Monsters have been up to.
3D Live
HP and Monster announce an incredible new step in 3D entertainment. Monster HP 3D Live allows you to stream live content in 3D! Learn more about this game-changing technology developed by two of the world’s leading technology brands.
3D live technical setup
CES Blog Image
CES Blog
Get a day-by-day recap of all the announcements, demos, special events, and more from the Monsters at CES 2011.
West Coast Tron Car
CES also witnessed the debut of the TRON Car, a joint effort of Monster and West Coast Customs inspired by the hit movie. Look here for more photos of the TRON car and get the story behind it.
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