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Reporting Counterfeiting Activity
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Safe Buying Guide

In order to protect you, our fellow Monsters, from mistakenly buying counterfeit products, Monster has put together some buying guidelines and suggestions for you to follow, to ensure you have a safe buying experience and receive only the genuine Monster Brand products you want and know so well.

  1. If the price is too good, too low, it's a counterfeit product.
  2. Special low pricing for bulk sales, will be counterfeit product.
  3. Buy only from a known reputable dealer. Check here for listings of our legitimate dealers
  4. Buying online Monster products from anyone but one of Monster Cable's listed online dealers is a risk. If the online seller isn't listed, it is a good bet they are dealing in and selling counterfeit products and you may be cheated. As buyers using online auction sites, you can't vet the sellers, you may receive counterfeit products and you will be unable to return bad products because the auction site has been removed and is gone. Counterfeiters are using the internet, because by using various online auction sites, they can hide. For authorized online sellers of Monster products go to (direct link to listing of) "Monster Authorized Dealers" & "Product Price Lists."
  5. If you have inadvertently purchased a counterfeit product from an online auction site, please report it to us immediately at, please keep all the sales information including shipping and sales documents, all mailing labels, sales receipts and credit card statements. We may contact you and ask that you send us the bad product(s) and this documentation to aid us in our investigations.
  6. Auction sites offering products with no box or manual, no warranty documentation or products that aren't in proper professional packaging are counterfeit, so don't buy them. If you receive a product in unprofessional packaging it will be counterfeit.
  7. Any cheap or damaged packaging, labeling, strange markings or misspelled words, are all signs of counterfeit products.
  8. SPAM e-mails and faxes offering sales prices are counterfeits. Monster Cable does not send out SPAM emails or blast faxes for advertising or sales.

If you follow these few buying guidelines, Monster Cable feels it will assist you in having a positive buying experience and protect you from being victimized by unscrupulous counterfeit dealers.