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Report Counterfeiting Activity
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Reporting Counterfeiting Activity
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Beware of Counterfeit Monster Products

Like many premium products, Monster products are being counterfeited and sold at flea markets and on popular auction and other e-company Websites, usually at extremely reduced prices. If a price for a product being sold as Monster from a non-authorized dealer seems "too good to be true," most likely it is, and is not a genuine Monster product. Counterfeit Monster products do not meet the high standards of quality and performance you expect from Monster. For example, many of the counterfeit HDMI cables will not carry a 1080p signal properly. You may pay less, but you will not get the performance you expect.

If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit Monster product, please send an e-mail to Monster appreciates your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products.

The Protect IP ACT (PIPA) And Stop Online Piracy ACT (SOPA)

There has been a lot of discussion in the news and online regarding two bills that are being considered by Congress: The Protect IP ACT (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It has been reported incorrectly by several publications that Monster supports these bills.

Monster is not taking a position in support of, or against PIPA or SOPA, as the bills are currently drafted.

We understand the concern that these proposed bills have raised on both sides, and are sensitive to these concerns, and the opinions of our customers and fans. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us by email or phone: We will make every effort to respond back to you personally.