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Monster Home Theater Connection Guide

Digital Video Recorders (PVR, HDD Recorder,TIVO®) Connection Guide

Enjoy convenience and power with this revolutionary technology, and get great picture & sound when using the right connections.

The Personal Video Recorder (PVR), or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a major improvement over VCR technology. Get the most out of yours by optimizing your hookup!

• Not all PVRs are able to record in high definition. If yours can, and the rest of your components can accept it, HDMI and Component Video are the best quality video connections you can make

• If your PVR doesn't offer HDMI or Component Video output, use an S-Video connection between the PVR and A/V receiver or TV.

• Many PVRs also offer the ability to play back Dolby Digital® and DTS® surround soundtracks. To get the best quality sound from your PVR, use a HDMI, Fiber Optic or Digital Coax cable to deliver the digital audio signals from the PVR to the A/V receiver for processing.

• Most PVRs, including TiVo® and Replay TV® models, use telephone lines (RJ-11) to connect to and download programming guides and services. These connections are best protected from surges with Monster PowerCenters

• For the best picture and sound from your PVR, plus protection from surges and spikes, use a Monster PowerCenterTM with Clean Power®.

For PVR/HDD Recorder/ TIVO®:

Component Video
S-Video (if component video is not available)
Fiber Optic or Digital Coax
Analog Stereo Audio Cable (if a digital audio connection is not available)
Home Theater PowerCenter