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Monster Home Theater Connection Guide

Satellite TV & Digital Cable Connection Guide

Today's Satellite TV Systems can bring it all home to you, even in HDTV... but only if you make the right connections!

Direct-Broadcast Satellite TV systems (DBS) offer some of the highest quality home entertainment available. To get the most out of your satellite TV system, optimize your hookup for best performance!

• If your satellite receiver is capable of HDTV playback and/or recording, you'll need to use either HDMI or Component Video connections to connect to your TV and AV receiver.

• If your receiver is older, you can use the S-Video connection. This will deliver satisfactory results, but you won't get HDTV-quality images.

• Many satellite receiver units offer digital surround sound. If yours does, use a HDMI, Fiber Optic or Digital Coax cable to connect the digital audio output from your satellite receiver to your A/V receiver.

• If there's no digital audio output on your satellite receiver, use the stereo audio jacks to make your audio connection. You won't get surround sound, but you'll get clean, satisfying stereo.

• For the best possible picture and sound, plus protection from surges and spikes, use a Monster PowerCenterTM with Clean PowerŪ.

For Satellite TV/
Digital Cable:

Component Video
S-Video (if component video is not available)
Fiber Optic or Digital Coax
Analog Stereo Audio Cable (if a digital audio connection is not available)
Home Theater PowerCenter