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Keeping Up with Life
Mobile is the new normal, and Monster Mobile is the fuel you need to keep on keeping on. Whether it’s a quick smartphone power-up, a tangle-free blazing-fast charge or download, or a sparkling-clean iPad screen you need, we’ve got solutions for work, car, travel—anything. From a charge to a tune, a call to a photo, Monster Mobile lets you keep up with life.

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Take Productivity to the Next Level

You spend so much time at work, you deserve the best experience possible. Monster makes it happen with ScreenClean™ to keep your devices clean and protected, at-desk headphone music starring Pure Monster Sound™, and tangle-free USB cables to help you stay tidy and charge up fast. Even our mobile speakers like SuperStar™ are great for work, letting you listen to music or make crystal-clear speakerphone calls.  


Getting There Is Half the Fun

Whether you’re commuting or taking a cross-country road trip, Monster Mobile has the auto accessories you need to stay powered up and connected with the ultimate in speed and convenience. Our car chargers let you power up in a flash and our car stereo cables keep you connected to music stored on your smartphone or tablet, despite your car stereo system.

on the go

Travel in Style

No matter where you go, you’ll travel in style with Monster Mobile. PowerCard™ and PowerCard™ Turbo offer emergency power you can stash in your wallet or purse, ScreenClean™ keeps your gadgets looking great and fits in your laptop bag, and ControlTalk™ Universal lets you take calls on your favorite headphones. SuperStar™ portable wireless speaker lets you play it loud, out loud, anywhere.

Size Does Matter-Powercard The Ultimate Charge Card- Shaquille O'Neal
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Monster Mobile Is Taking You Places

Power. Connectivity. Photos. Music. Joy.
Let Monster Mobilize you, and live life to the fullest.