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Everything You Need to Make Your System Sing

From our Ultra HD HDMI and speaker cables to our new multi-room wireless audio system, to audiophile-grade portable wireless audio, Monster has everything you need to make your home entertainment systems perform at its full potential. After all, this is where we got our start 35 years ago. 

SoundStage Wireless and Audio Performance. Powerful, Room Filling Sound

Wireless Home Audio…Perfected

If you want convenient, high-performance whole-house audio, ClarityHome is your solution. It gives you more choice and unbelievable clarity, everywhere. This is the next generation in wireless home audio, starring Pure Monster Sound.

ScreenClean 2.0 and CleanTouch 2.0

Made for Each Other


ScreenClean and CleanTouch are two parts of the same thing. A better, longer-lasting clean. Talk about the ideal go-together. The StayClean system brings you the cleanest screen you’ve ever seen AND protection that keeps your screen cleaner longer.
Monster’s Black Platinum HDMI Cables

HDMI for Ultra HD, and Then Some

Monster’s Black Platinum is the most advanced HDMI cables in the world, but we also have several lines of high-performance but affordable cable. Whatever your budget or system needs, we’ve got home theater cables for it. Check out our new Performance Indicator lights that tell you what resolution you’re getting.

Monster Essentials

Connect. Protect. Clean. Organize.

Introducing Monster Essentials Essentials brings the legacy of Monster quality and performance to a new competitively priced line of Monster products. Whether you need convenient cable management, powerful screen cleaning, high-quality HDMI, or safe power protection, Monster Essentials has an inexpensive solution for you. Now anyone with an eye and ear for quality can enjoy Monster products.

Protect Your Gear
safe power

Protect Your Gear…and Your Family

Unlike other surge protectors that can catch fire, Monster Fireproof surge protectors not only protect your equipment, but your home and family. Why risk it?