Monster Headphones, Over-Ear, In-Ear, On-Ear, and Bluetooth headphones

Monster has your headphones, come get them.

What kind of a listener are you?  Are you a total immersion listener who wants the deep, rich sound of music and nothing else? Are you a runner who likes the rhythmic motivation of music, but needs to be aware of ambient environmental sounds? Are you a traveler who wants big sound in a small package? No matter what kind of listening experience you’re after, Monster has your sonic profile, in a style that matches your personal aesthetic. Beautiful, comfortable, perfectly balanced—that’s Pure Monster Sound®.

Monster In-Ear Headphones


Compact, with surprising performance, In-Ear headphones are great for travel and perfect for running and working out. Many are designed with comfortable, adjustable SportClip retainers to keep them in place while run, do circuits or other locomotion. If you’re looking for headphones for running, take note of noise cancelling or isolation the headphones provide, you want to be able to hear the ambient, environmental sounds around you. 

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Monster On-Ear Heaphones



On-Ear headphones provide an opportunity to add an acoustic chamber for weightier bass and a warmer overall sound. This style of headphone also provides more surface area to add aesthetic profile, material texture and design. On-Ears are also pretty compact and afford some noise isolation, while still letting you hear what’s going on around you.  They’re a good travel choice, especially if you get a pair that folds.

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Monster Over-Ear Headphones


Full Over-Ear headphones are able to provide an incredibly focused musical experience. With plenty of real estate for ample acoustics, swiveling ear cups, plush ear covers and complete noise-cancelling isolation, over-ear headphones can offer a luxurious and transcendent listening experience. Monster has plenty of styles and feature sets to choose from.  Check them out now.

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Monster  Noise Cancelling Headphones


As the term implies, noise cancelling headphones eliminate distractions from outside sounds so you can concentrate on the music. All headphones have some noise isolation properties, by virtue of covering part of the ear or ear canal. Active noise cancelling headphones have technology that creates a pristine sound environment, so you hear nothing but your music.

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Monster Wireless Headphones


Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, Monster’s wireless headphones let you go free-range, eliminating any cables. The headphones easily pair with any Bluetooth enabled device, have great throughput and on-ear controls so there’s no need to dig for your device to volume up or change tracks. Great sound, no cables, convenient controls—let it all go to your head.

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