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Can I play CDs and regular DVDs on my Blu-ray Disc™ player?

Yes. The first players that came out a couple of years ago could not play anything but Blu-ray Discs, but all players you buy now will play them.

Can I play other high definition discs, like HD DVD on my Blu-ray Disc player?

No. These are different types of discs and an HD DVD will not play in a Blu-ray Disc player. Note: A couple of years ago LG made a “multi-player” that could play both discs but this was a special component and about the only exception.

What is required to get the best VIDEO from my Blu-ray Disc player?

Getting the best video possible from your Blu-ray Disc player requires an HDTV and an HDMI™ cable that can handle all of the video information that a Blu-ray Disc player can send. And it requires that you set the Blu-ray Disc player correctly for the best video settings. Your HDTV – choose an HDTV with Full HD 1080p resolution. Also, a TV with a 12-bit (color depth) display will give you smoother color gradations. A TV with the ability to accept 24 frames per second (24Hz) is also an advantage when watching Blu-ray Disc movies that were originally films. Ask your sales associate to show you which TVs have these features. A High Speed HDMI cable - If you set your Blu-ray Disc player to its best video settings, you need to be sure that your HDMI cable can handle the signal. Monster® Cables for Blu-ray HDMI cables are the speed you need to transfer the best quality video from your Blu-ray Disc player to your HDTV. The right settings on your Blu-ray Disc player - Through HDMI cables your HDTV can communicate with your Blu-ray Disc player so both can set to the optimal picture quality. Still, you want to be sure that all the features are turned on in the Blu-ray Disc player and HDTV. Choose 1080p resolution for Blu-ray Discs and for upscaling your standard DVDs. Choose a 4:4:4 color space for Deep Color. And choose 1080p/24 Hz on your Blu-ray player and HDTV so it those Blu-ray Discs will show at their best.

What is required to get the best AUDIO from my Blu-ray Disc;?

The Blu-ray™ viewing experience is taken to a whole new level with the realistic lossless surround sound formats: Dolby® Digital True-HD and DTS®-HD Master Audio. Be sure that one of these sound formats is chosen when you play your Blu-ray Disc (usually will default to this audio if you set up your Blu-ray player to play it). Also, home theater AV receivers will be labeled on the front of the reciever if they can play these formats. If so, you can take advantage of high speed HDMI’s ability to transfer the exceptional uncompressed sound. If your AV receiver does not have these high definition sound formats listed, you may be able to use 6 or 8 channel line audio to connect your Blu-ray Disc player to your home theater AV receiver. (Check on the connections on your receiver has an EXT. in with the Red and White for 6 or 8 channel in.) Here, the Blu-ray player will translate the format and send the sound through analog audio cables for exceptional surround sound. You will still want to connect the HDMI cable for the best quality video available.

Why does it take so long for a Blu-ray Disc to start to play when turning on the player?

There is a lot more information stored on a Blu-ray Disc than a DVD and the player has to read information from that disc. There are now players that have a “Quick Start” function that plays the Blu-ray Disc much more quickly after startup. You may, however, have to look in the BD player’s menu to turn on that feature.

Why is my picture full of errors and dropouts when I hook up my Blu-ray Disc player to my HDTV with an HDMI cable?

To get full HD, the player is set to send out a 1080p signal at 60 frames per second with Deep Color—more than 6 Gbps of information being transferred from your Blu-ray Disc player to your HDTV. This requires an advanced high speed HDMI cable capable of transferring all this information rapidly and accurately. Not all HDMI cables can handle this much data. That's why it's important to use speed-rated HDMI cables, particularly in longer lengths.

Will my Playstation® 3 play Blu-ray Disc movies?

Yes. Be aware that updates on Playstation 3 has improved the picture quality by outputting 12-bit Deep Color. If you experience any problems when you connect your Playstation 3, you may need a higher speed HDMI cable.

Are there Blu-ray Disc recorders?

So far, most Blu-ray Disc recorders are for computers. Because of the pristine quality of a digital copy of high definition movies, etc., it is not possible to copy downloaded, recorded or purchased Blu-ray Discs. However, it is sometimes possible to copy recorded content to a standard definition DVD. In that case, it will only be a standard definition, 480p copy.

Can I send the signal from my Blu-ray Disc player to other TVs in my home?

MMC (mandatory managed copy) makes it possibly to transfer Blu-ray Disc movies over your home network. There are negotiations and discussion with moviemakers about the details of how this will work. Still, this must be a feature included on your Blu-ray Disc player.


Coming in 2009…Look for new products from Monster Cable to distribute your Blu-ray Disc movies to other TVs around your home.