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SEEN WITH: Ardent Sons, Midnight Gamblers
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  • Midnight Gamblers
  • Negative Trend

Tony Tyrone Sales comes from a long line of performers, including the internationally acclaimed TV personality, Soupy Sales, on his father’s side and one of the original leading men in films, Tyrone Power, on his mother’s side. But it was the musical influence of his father, Tony Sales, that inspired him to pursue a career in music.  While the Sales Brothers were touring with David Bowie in Tin Machine, Tony commenced on his own musical journey, practicing on a kit he received for his tenth birthday. He continued playing music into his early twenties, and after getting a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, the academic moved to the Bay Area to join the music scene. 

Tony strengthened the versatility of his craft, joining the Bay Area punk rock band Negative Trend, while frequenting the area's jazz clubs. Today he is a regular player on the renowned stages of the Great American Music Hall, Café du Nord and the Boom Boom Room, to name a few. His eclectic discography credits include Italian songwriter, Yari Carrisi, Misisipi Mike and the Midnight Gamblers, The Heeldraggers, and his newest project, The Ardent Sons, where he takes on the role of song writer and lead vocalist, in addition to drums. It is with The Ardent Sons that we are introduced to Tony Tyrone Sales, the soulful songwriter and performer.

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