Monster Rock™ Instrument Cable and PRO 200 PowerCenter™ Performance Pack

    Bring out the best of your music with the ProLink Rock Guitar Cable Performance Pack. The Pack includes a Monster Rock™ guitar cable featuring Monster’s patented technologies to deliver an incredible range of tones from your guitar. To keep yo

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    Take Your Music to the Next level with Monster Rock™ Guitar Cable
    Unlike ordinary cable, Monster Rock uses patented technologies to accent the raw power of your sound so it cuts through the mix. Monster’s advanced coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs and vivid harmonics while patented multiple gauge wire networks enhance your guitar’s sonic bite. A solid core center conductor provides tighter bass response, plus an extra-dense braided shield and carbon-infused dielectric minimize interference and hum. Monster’s 24k gold contact ergonomic connectors ensure a strong, reliable connection that withstands the constant abuse of stage and studio.

    Protect Your Gear and Maximize Its Performance
    While most live and studio systems incorporate power conditioning for main components and gear, equipment located a distance away may plug into other outlets, potentially wreaking havoc on your sound. You need to protect and optimize AC power for all of your musical equipment. The PRO 200 is perfect for musical instruments and recording gear located away from the main power conditioning area. PRO 200 features the same technology found in many of Monster’s rack mounted, full-sized Pro PowerCenters™ in a unit that’s small enough to take anywhere!