Monster® Combined Technology Series

High performance, 4-in-1 cable: 2 for video and 2 for high-speed data (Ethernet); and 6-in-1 cable: 2 for video, 2 for high-speed data (Ethernet) and 2 for high-speed fiber applications. Features various combinations of Monster Cable’s RG6 QuadSh

$999.97 $1,000.00 MSRP


This product has been Discontinued

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Homeowners want the newest advances in computer networking, high-speed, broadband Internet access, multi-room music and video distribution available in their homes. In an effort to manage the complexity of the installations required to support those advances, Monster Cable has developed the Monster Combined Technology Series (MCTS) cables to make installation, termination and identification of the multitude of cable runs installed easier, more manageable and FutureReady™.


• Saves installation time by pulling up to six cables at once in one jacket
• Best, Better, Good configurations, with and without fiber are available with CI Pro and Monster MV-Quad video cables; CI PRO CAT5, Monster DS350 CAT5e and Monster DS500 CAT6 data cables and Fiber combination to every installation FutureReady™
• Color coded jackets make each cable run easy to identify
• Individual cables are protected by one outer, color coded jacket