HP Monster® USB 700 – High Speed

    Monster’s high speed USB cable provides maximum speed and bandwidth to optimize performance of hard drives, digital cameras, and camcorders. Delivers faster transfer of large HD videos, audio, and other data to your computer and devices.

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    High Speed USB Cable for Rapid Data Transfer and Faster Charging
    Today’s high speed, high powered USB devices require maximum speed and bandwidth to optimize performance. Hard drives, digital cameras, and camcorders must transfer large amounts of HD video, audio, and other data to your computer and other devices. HP Monster® High Speed USB has up to 1.5 times the capacity of standard USB cables for rapid data transfer, with data rates of up to 800 Mbps*. The high capacity construction also delivers up to 30% faster charging times for portable devices.*
    *Actual data rates and charging time depend on connected devices. Test results available upon request.
    *Data transfer rates will never exceed the capabilities of connected devices.
    High Speed USB Cable Rated: 800 Mbps
    Up to 1.5x bandwith for rapid data transfer. 
    Up to 30% faster battery charging time. 
    Heavy gauge Monster® conductors for faster charging.
    Ultra-flexible Duraflex® protective jacket 
    1 – 12’ High Speed USB Cable
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