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Monster Careers

The DNA Pro is a Testament To Monster's Constant Evolution and Growth
Head-Fi.Org - Jude Mansilla (Founder)

"For me, great sound is mandatory. The clarity you can get out of the Turbines is insane. I get bass, I get mids, I get clean high...and they are comfortable!"
Bobby Avila - Recording Engineer and Producer - Janet Jackson, Usher

I think a lot of audiophile-types will prefer this level of bass over boosted bass.
Head-Fi.Org - Jude Mansilla (Founder)

"A sleek design and a personalized look that's hard to beat."

“Diamond Tears Featured as One of the Top Gadgets to Get for Your Valentine on”
Complex Tech, Alex Bracetti

"The audio quality is fantastic. They sound amazing for just about any genre..."

"It's the iSport I wear to work out in. I warm up in them. It makes it better for you when you want good tunes in your ear while you're working out."
Marquis Daniels - Boston Celtics

"I was blown away. It was astounding how clean and true they were."
Lee Ritenour